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Alu-Dibond Wall Decor

Today I have a big package delivered to my doorstep. I already knew what it carried as i have been expecting it since the order has been placed with Saal Digital, still i can't contain my excitement to see the content.

Under the carefully wrapped cardboard, there it laid one of my favourite images - "Be With You" that I captured during my trip to Lençóis Maranhenses National Park in Brazil, printed directly on a Alu-Dibond panel - basically it consists of two aluminium sheets with a polyethylene core.

I am very impress with the print quality. The matte finish with a satin sheen really bring out the outline and the texture of the sand dunes. No colour saturation nor sharpness is lost during the process. Despite of the thickness is only 3mm but print is well rigid.

Overall it's above my expectation. Seem like i have found a great printing product for my future works.

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